At Quality Automotive and Smog we are passionate about servicing your vehicles and working with customers as partners in auto care. We offer what we call ServicePlus to all our customers with these unique benefits. 

With any service. repair or smog* you are entitled to 3 unique features, outlined below.


5% Dividend

Benefits Include:
1. Earn&a 5% dividend on your total invoice  
2. Collect and save your dividends for future services. - Dividends are valid for 1 year (from date earned).
3. Use your dividends toward ANY service at Quality - Automotive and Smog.
4. Gift or share your dividends with friends and family.
Do you have a Dividend waiting for you? Find out here. 

red check club

Red Check Club

Benefits Include:
1. "Truckee" license plate frame installed
2. Complimentary lift ticket at a local resort -Winter
3. Two for one winter wiper blades - Fall
4. Complimentary car wash - Summer
5. Free local towing to the shop with Dependable Tow
6. Extended local warranty 36 months/36,000 miles!

Your ServicePlus Dividend Card:
You will receive a ServicePlus Dividend card. Dividends can be accessed by using the ServicePlus Dividend card when paying for service. The card is attached to your cell phone number so if you loose the card, you can still access your dividend using your cell phone number.

Do you have a Dividend waiting?
If you have visited Quality Automotive and Smog since November 1, 2017 you already have a dividend waiting. To find out the amount and claim your dividend card, email us at: [email protected] We will return your information request within 72 hours. We will respond with your current dividend total, at which time you can request your card to be mailed. You can also stop in to pick it up and see us at our new location! Request Your Card

Red Check Inspect

With “smart” information about the condition of your vehicle systems and components, you can make “smart” decisions about maintenance and repairs. *This benefit is not available on CA Smog Checks.


Why the Red Check Inspect is so valuable:
1. Longer intervals between professional servicing can leave potential problems and dangerous safety issues undetected.
2. An expert technician inspects various systems on the vehicle and sends you a text report.
3. If there is an immediate issue that needs attention it will be marked in red, yellow indicates future attention needed,  green means relax, it's all good.  
4. With this information you decide and plan for future maintenance and repairs.