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Experience "WOO" at Quality Automotive Servicing

Experience "WOO" at Quality Automotive Servicing

   Who Has Woo? We take employee development seriously. We recognize that our people are our greatest asset, and therefore are worth the investment! Each time we hire, we have our new employee take the StrengthsFinders assessment so we can learn more about what that person brings to the table and where, specifically, their talents lie. Not the skills that they learned in school (of course we’ve already checked those out!) but the natural talents they innately have. CliftonStrengths revealed that Gary has “Woo” as one of his top talents. Woo stands for Winning Others Over - which is what makes him so skilled at connecting with customers! Gary is famous for this skill with customers and shares this trait with another famous person, TV character Fonzi from Happy Days.  Maggie’s “Responsibility” strength is what makes her incredibly dependable.  Dealing with customers everyday at the counter, this strength reinforces ... read more

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